Nestled between the beautiful Taconic and Green Mountain Ranges, Bennington is the primary gateway for southwestern Vermont. We combine a strong sense of history with a commitment to community. Our close proximity to New York, Massachusetts and the major markets of the Northeast, give our town economic advantages, yet we are still small enough to offer that hometown feeling. Rich in history and the arts, we offer clean air, a low crime rate, incredible scenery, outdoor recreation, great water, wonderful museums, and many educational enrichment opportunities. We welcome you to come experience Bennington.


Situated along Vermont Route 9 (the Molly Stark Trail) and US Route 7 (the Ethan Allen Highway)

40 miles from Albany, NY and Interstate 87

42 miles from Brattleboro, VT and Interstate 91

Just 140 miles from Boston, 185 miles from New York City and 225 miles from Montreal


Bennington experiences a humid continental climate with cold, snowy winters and warm to hot, humid summers. Snowfall can vary greatly from year to year. The town can experience snowfall as early as October and as late as April. Nor’easters often dump heavy snow and wind on the town during the winter, and accumulations of one foot of snow or greater are not uncommon when these storms move through the area. One such storm dumped very wet, heavy snow on October 4, 1987, catching many residents off guard because it occurred quite early in that year’s fall season. The storm resulted in many downed trees and power lines, due in part to that year’s fall foliage still being intact. Abundant sunshine, along with heavy showers and thunderstorms, are frequent during the summer months. Although tornadoes seldom occur, an F2 tornado did hit North Bennington on May 31, 1998 during an extremely rare tornado outbreak in the region.

The record high is 98 °F (37 °C), set in 1955. The record low is −25 °F (−32 °C), set in 1994. July is typically the wettest month, and February is the driest. Bennington averages 60.77 inches (154 cm) of snow annually. The average annual snowfall is 60.77 inches and the average annual rainfall is 41.25 inches.



Town: 15,764 (2010 census)
County: 36,970 (2010 census)
Median Age: 38 years of age


Bennington employs a representative town meeting form of local government, wherein an elected seven-member Select Board represents the town’s citizens at large from two districts. The Select Board is considered the “executive branch” of the town’s government, which in turn hires and supervises a Town Manager. As of 2016, the current town manager is Stuart A. Hurd. The current Town Clerk is Cassandra Barbeau . Four representatives from Bennington’s two voting districts currently represent the town in Montpelier. Bennington County is also represented by two state senators.



205 South Street
(802) 442-1037
Town Manager: Stuart Hurd
Community Dev. Director: Michael Harrington
Zoning Administrator: Dan Monks
Town Clerk: Cassandra J. Barbeau
(802) 442-1043


118 South Street
Chief of Police: Paul Doucette
Non-Emergency Phone: (802) 442-1030
Emergency Phone: 911
Animal Control: (802) 442-1048


130 River Street
Emergency Phone: 911
Non-emergency Phone: (802) 442-1051


Beech St. Ext
Emergency Phone: 911
Non-emergency Phone: (802) 447-1739

78 Orchard Road
Emergency Phone: 911
Non-emergency Phone: (802) 447-1739

West Road
Emergency Phone: 911
Non-emergency Phone: (802) 447-1839


655 Gage Street (802) 442-1053
Recreation Director: Tracy Knights
Leonard J. Black Memorial Park (Summer) (802) 447-2694
Stark Street Playground (802) 442-6286

124 Pleasant Street (802) 442-1052
Senior Director: Susan Hoag


Bennington is home to a variety of municipal, parochial, private and independent schools. Continuing education is supported by a diverse mix of college and career development centers.

Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union
Superintendent’s Office
246 South Stream Road (802) 447-7501

The Bennington Area offers 7 elementary schools, 2 parochial schools, 3 private schools, 1 independent school along with Mt. Anthony Union Middle School (grades 6, 7 and 8) and Mt. Anthony Union High School (grade 9 through 12).

Public Elementary Schools

Bennington Elementary (802) 442-5256
Pownal Elementary (802) 823-7333
Molly Stark Elementary (802) 442-2692
Shaftsbury Elementary (802) 442-4373
Monument Elementary (802) 447-7979
Woodford Elementary (802) 442-4071

Middle/High Schools

Mount Anthony Union Middle School (MAUMS) (802) 447-7541
Mount Anthony Union High School (MAUHS) (802) 447-7511

The Southwest Vermont Career Development Center serves high school and adult students from the southwestern region of Vermont and adjacent New York and Massachusetts. Twenty technical programs and related classes occupy the state of the art facility by day. In the afternoons and evenings, a wide variety of adult education offerings are available. The CDC is located at Mt. Anthony Union High School, 321 Park Street, Bennington, VT 05201 and their phone is (802) 447-0220.

Parochial Schools Private Schools


Grace Christian (802) 447-2233 Hiland Hall (802) 442-3868

Sacred Heart (802) 442-2446 Southshire (802) 442-4601

Bennington School, Inc. (802) 447-1557

Independent School

Village School at North Bennington (802) 442-5955


Colleges Pre-School/Childcare


Bennington College (802) 442-5401 Please contact the Bennington County

Community College of VT (802) 447-2361 Childcare Association (802) 447-6983

Southern VT College (802) 447-6319




Electric: Green Mountain Power (888) 835-4672

Fuel Oil/Gas: See Bennington Area Guide for providers

Telephone: Verizon Residential Phone Service (800) 870-9999
Fairpoint Communications (866) 984-2001

Cable: Comcast (800) 934-6489

Ambulance: Bennington Rescue Squad

120 McKinley St.

Bennington, VT 05201

Emergency Phone: 9 – 1 – 1

Non-emergency Phone: (802) 442-5817


Emergency Health Services:

Southwestern VT Health Care

100 Hospital Drive

Bennington, VT 05201 (802) 442-6361




Air: The nearest commercial airport is located 40 miles from Bennington in Albany, NY.


Albany International Airport

Administration Building Suite 200

Albany, NY 12211 (518) 242-2200


Bus: Green Mountain Community Network, who operates the Green Mountain Express, is a private, nonprofit organization that owns and operates the public transit system in Bennington.


Four lines serve Bennington itself (three during weekdays, and one on Saturday), and two commuter routes dubbed the Orange Line (from Williamstown, Massachusetts, to Manchester) and Emerald Line (from Bennington to Wilmington) serve other parts of the county. The Orange Line serves the US 7 and Historic Route 7A corridor, while the Emerald Line serves points on VT Route 9 east of town. The Orange Line runs daily between Bennington and Manchester (weekdays between Bennington and Williamstown), while the Emerald Line runs on a limited weekday schedule.


Yankee Trails World Travel operates a weekday regional bus line from Bennington to Albany, New York‘s Greyhound bus terminal with an intermediate stop in downtown Hoosick Falls, New York. It runs twice per day (three times from Hoosick Falls) from the corner of East Main Street and School Street. The first trip runs without a Bennington stop from Hoosick Falls, and has one late morning trip and another evening trip with Bennington at its eastern terminus. In addition, Premier Coach provides an intercity bus line between Albany and Burlington, with stops in Rutland and Bennington through Vermont Translines in a joint venture effort with Greyhound. Service on this route began June 9, 2014.

Major Highways:


Bennington is the largest town, and the second largest municipality in Vermont, that is not located on or near either of Vermont’s two major Interstate highways. It is, however, signed on Interstate 91 at Exit 2 in Brattleboro and Interstate 787 at Exit 9E in Colonie, New York. Five highways cross the town, including two limited-access freeways. They are:

U.S. Route 7 (“Ethan Allen Highway”)

Vermont Route 9 (“Molly Stark Trail”)

Vermont Route 7A (“Shires of Vermont Byway”)

Vermont Route 67A

Vermont Route 279 (“Bennington Bypass”)


US Route 7 southbound, north of Exit 1 in Bennington:


U.S. Route 7 enters Bennington from the town of Pownal, winding its way through the rural countryside in the southern portion of town as a two-way traffic, two-lane surface street. Its names are South Street and North Street in the downtown district, meeting Route 9 at an intersection in downtown known locally as the “Four Corners”. It then becomes a divided highway just south of the intersection between Northside Drive and Kocher Drive. From there, it is a 4-lane limited access highway with two interchanges within the town before entering Shaftsbury as a Super 2 freeway. Route 7 is also known as the Ethan Allen Highway for most of its length within Vermont.


VT Route 9 enters the town from the New York border in Hoosick, where the roadway continues west as NY Route 7. Route 9 is two lanes wide with two-way traffic over its entire segment in Bennington, intersecting with US Route 7 at “Four Corners” in the downtown district. It leaves Bennington approximately 1 mile (1.6 km) east of the half-completed SPUI interchange at the eastern end of VT Route 279. Its local street names in town are West Road (westward from Old Bennington to the New York border), Monument Avenue (on a short section of the rotary near the Old First Church) and Main Street. The entire portion of Route 9 within Vermont is also known as the Molly Stark Trail.


VT Route 279, also known as the Bennington Bypass, is a Super 2 freeway whose northern segment began construction in August 2007. This segment of the Bypass was completed and officially opened to traffic on August 30, 2012. The western segment, which continues westward as NY Reference Route 915G (unsigned) into Hoosick, New York, before meeting NY Route 7 at an at-grade intersection, and the first segment to be built, officially opened to traffic on October 12, 2004. A Vermont Welcome Center, located at the center of Route 279’s interchange with US 7, officially opened on October 11, 2013.


Historic VT Route 7A, so named to distinguish it from the freeway portion of US 7, is the former alignment of that road prior to the freeway being built. It begins at an at-grade intersection with US 7 and continues east as Kocher Drive, and northwestward from this intersection where the route begins as Northside Drive. This segment passes much of Bennington’s big box store and fast food restaurant development in the northern part of the town. Route 7A then splits from Northside Drive to the right where it continues northward as the Shires of Vermont Byway, paralleling Route 7 to the west. It is a two-lane road from there, passing under VT Route 279 with no interchange. A trumpet interchange connects Route 7A back with Route 7 (where it is Exit 2 from that highway) before entering Shaftsbury to the north.


Vermont Route 67A remains within Bennington for its entire length. The route begins at an intersection with Route 67, continuing southward as Water Street in the village of North Bennington, and passing by several manufacturing companies along the way. It then turns southeastward, closely paralleling the Walloomsac River along its northern banks, and briefly becomes a 4-lane divided surface arterial past Bennington College where it meets VT 279 at a parclo interchange. This segment is known as North Bennington Road, all the way to its southern end where the road continues southeastward as Route 7A and Northside Drive (mentioned above).




Bennington Businesses: A listing of the members for the Bennington Area Chamber of Commerce is located in the Bennington Area Guide. For your complimentary copy, please call, fax or email: (802) 447-3311 or


Wage and Labor Surveys:


Vermont Department of Employment & Training

Bennington District Office

200 Veterans Memorial Drive

Bennington, VT 05201 (802) 442-6376